Know Me

Rather than describing who I am, let me try and construe What Makes me “who i am”…

I’ve grown up in a middle class, self made and religious family that migrated from Pakistan during the bloody Indo-Pak partition. Needless to say the wounds of those times have shaped the lives and the thought process of my parents and their parents….and continue to do so, even after half a century later. Those values held dear to my senior generation, love for a supreme being, dislike or at best tolerance of members of communities other than their own, willingness to submit to a power that is unseen, could be a part of my parents lives which have been shaped by tragic events and constant rude reminders even in current day socio-political India, But are completely alien to me. How did i get from relating to my parent’s emotions, on god, religion and general lifestyle, to a completely contrasting lifestyle, is still a mystery to me. But, it comes as a breath of fresh air, the logic or source of which i needn’t know. I’m just glad i can see beyond what i, like most of us, was taught was the only right way to lead a life.

This journey from the comfort of Faith to the open desert of Reasoning took about 10 years. Although i wouldn’t say I’m at the destination now, because i still haven’t found what I’m looking for (i hope i can write that without U2 suing me for copy rights infringements) and the journey continues, But i sure am glad i can see things in a brand new light. Its like experiencing the world all over again, except Now, there’s no preset rules to define your experiences. The world is mine to explore !!

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