Ugly Face of Religion Again in Bombay (Quite possibly the only face)

I had no intention to write on religion any time soon, simply because it quickly mushrooms in to a discussion that every one has a definitive point of view on and naturally a passionate one, and i don’t have the time currently to catch up with a long thread of discussions. But, the events in Mumbai have forced me to key in a few words to vent my frustration with our inability to identify the problem. Its not Islamic terrorism, its more diverse than that. Attacks on Mumbai have brought to light what Dedication to Religion, a twisted interpretation of its texts and teachings, and a little motivation can do. The effects are usually deadly, so Mumbai shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Unfortunately the debate we like to have is to be inclusive of all religions and sects etc, where as the debate, at least in the educated communities should be to evaluate the role of religion and theism in our lives. What have we gained as individuals, as a society and as a country with blind dedication to religion and god and religious texts that contradict themselves over and over again, and at best are good literary works which should be treated at par with works of Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe and the other great writers of their times. Continue reading

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